Nathalie Fabri

Nathalie Fabri is a San Francisco artist that specializes in Surreal Urban Landscapes. Using a variety of bright contrasting colors, she makes city streets come alive under her paintbrush, as the buildings, and streets she paints take on the floral landscapes of California. Growing up traveling around the world, she was influenced by books and paintings from Africa, the Middle East and Haiti. Her earliest memories of wanting to be an artist stemmed from observing the colors in these paintings.

Nathalie shows her work regularly in the Bay Area from her studio at Arc Gallery and Studios to group and solo shows. She is also a muralist, a children’s book illustrator, curator, and community organizer of public art projects such as the Mission Kiss, now in its third year.  She has sold her art to patrons locally and internationally, and her murals can be seen outside and inside San Francisco. 


Nathalie has been in the press