The question often comes up: “Do you do commissions?” The answer is YES!

I am always happy to do a commission. People ask me to do a portrait of their house, their street, or a loved place they often go to.

Price is based on size and complexity, with a 20% extra commission fee. A non-refundable 30% deposit is due when work begins.

Please contact me for more information!

Some commissions I have done:


A recent collector has taken the time to write about my process as he commissioned me for a piece, below is an excerpt, to see the full version, go here



 Creating Home:
Testimony for Nathalie Fabri and Her Art.

I have been reflecting on houses and homes while sheltered during COVID.  I was delighted that Nathalie agreed to accept a commission to paint the house where I had lived for 25 years.  In that home, I raised two children with their mother and her mother, both powerful women.  Nathalie photographed the house from different angles and asked me what was important to me.  I mentioned Bernal hill in the background, the vibrant color, the marina style windows, and the St Christopher statue at the top of the steps.  As her painting emerged, my understanding of buildings, homes, and families bloomed.  I could see the liveliness of the place that had held so much life for me.  (More).