It started out as a joke.. I found the plague mask in the Halloween box, and wanted to take a funny photo with it.  Upon further reflection,  the idea of coming up with some scenes incorporating the plague mask seemed like the distraction I needed at the time. I felt a little unfocused when it came to painting, and this seemed like a fun project. I was surprised at the feedback I got for the next few photos, and it encouraged me to keep going. I’m posting one about every other day now. I look forward to it!

I think about new scenes and set them up. I look at the mood i want to create, my body language, if i want something humorous, or something with more somber thoughts.

After setting everything up I will either ask someone to take the photo to my specifications or set the camera up myself. I then work with the photo to give it it’s final tweaks. Here are the ones I have so far. I’m hoping at this point to have a show with them, and/or make a book with them and thoughts on the quarantine. Enjoy!

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