When the lockdown began society was separated by those who were essential workers, workers that could continue their salaries by working from home, and everyone else. Artists, musicians, performers, we all lost our incomes overnight. We were deemed non-essential and
suddenly had no voice.

The Naked Truth of Arts began as an arts awareness campaign to make people aware of what creatives were going through during the pandemic. A project by artists Nathalie Fabri and Fabio Reis, they recruited artists to send in black and white photos of themselves with the illusion of nakedness and to tell us their stories: their Naked Truth of how they, and their creativity were affected.

We omitted color to represent how artists felt in the background of active society during the pandemic.
Nakedness to show our vulnerabilities.

Soon, artists from around the world asked to be a part of the project. The idea was pitched to ånålog gallery in San Francisco and they enthusiastically embraced the project. Because the economy has been hard on our fellow artists, we have decided to not ask them for any artists fees for this project and will print and mount the photos ourselves. We will make and produce a video projection and much more! There will even be interactive elements and music. We are very excited to share this show with you!

The money we fundraise will go into the creation of this show, mostly to pay for materials to make it happen.

If you donate $25 or more, you will receive a poster of the show featuring all 50 artists, beautifully designed by Fabio Reis.

If you donate $45 or more, you will receive a deck of cards with the 50 artist images and story quotes.

But whatever you donate, no matter how large or small means you are contributing to the arts and helping lift artists up during this historic moment. See how they portray themselves. Read their stories. Come Celebrate with us!

Join myself and my art partner, Fabio Reis as our arts awareness campaign has hit the big time! Featured at an.a.log Gallery in the Mission, We are revving up for a reception night like no other! located at 886 Capp St, San Francisco, CA, this show will run from October 22 to November 6th with viewings every saturday from 12-5. But don’t miss our RECEPTION Friday October 22nd from 5-9. Live bands, meet some of the artists featured and there will be a surprise interactive exhibit!

Please click the image below to access more information and our Go Fund Me. To help fund this project, we are taking pre-orders on posters and a deck of cards, featuring all 50 artists and their stories, beautifully designed by Fabio Reis.