Dear Artists, musicians, photographers, makers, creatives,

I have a proposal for an awareness campaign for all of us creatives…. Please read on…

My Niece in France recently participated in this project for non-essential workers.
The idea is from the term « a poil » a slang term meaning naked. If the government shuts us down, they
Are taking everything from me.. so I am left naked.

This has inspired me to start a campaign in partnership with Fabio Reis, artist and musician, about all creatives, called #TheNakedTruth
The naked truth is that artists and musicians have certainly been considered non-essential and have been suffering.

The Naked truth is that of the 50 states, California will be hit hardest in terms of absolute losses for creative industries and occupations, followed by New York and Texas. (Brookings)

The Naked truth is CA Dept of Labor reports from March – August 2020, Arts, Entertainment & Recreation has seen the largest percentage of job loss (-40.3%) in the state—well beyond even the second larger sector’s percentage of job loss: “Leisure & Hospitality” (-27%)

And what about us individuals? What is your story? Maybe, you have had more work because of donations and grants.. tell us. Maybe you lost most of your creative income? tell us! maybe your creativity has suffered so bad from stress that it has affected your livelihood.. tell us.

I invite you to take a photo of yourself and a piece of your art if you are an artist, with your instrument if you are a musician, With your creative tools if that’s what you want to show,  in black and white with the idea that you are naked behind it, telling us the Naked Truth about your situation. Please format it for INSTAGRAM, square if possible.

submit them to me and I can post them with your paragraph on the Instagram page and you can also choose to post it on your page with the #thenakedtruth, the sooner the better!

WHY? Let’s face it, scroll scroll scroll, we humans are much more apt to stop if a person is half naked there… black and white sets it apart too. And the big why, Awareness for those that aren’t thinking of us. January and February are slow months for business. Let’s show that we are still here, affected by the times. I’m hoping the awareness campaign could even get you more followers and fans, sales…

PLEASE!!! Pass this on to other creatives. For it to make an impact, It would be nice to see many of us participating!

For those who don’t know us…. I’m a local San Francisco artist.
And also founder of #themissionkiss
I’m always having funny ideas…. 🙂

Fabio Reis is a local visual artist and musician, and the creator of SANFRANPEOPLE on Instagram

Don’t hesitate to ask me questions- if you are not sure of your Image, I’m happy to help. We can all make something really beautiful!

In the spirit of bringing our community together,


An article in French about the project in France- with my niece

Statistics on the impact on our creative community