Special Projects

As an artist deeply immersed in the vibrant and diverse community of San Francisco, I find inspiration and connection within its artistic framework. Being part of this amazing creative network has not only shaped my artistic journey but has also afforded me the privilege of getting to know and collaborate with artists and musicians.

One aspect that is important to me is the opportunity to curate projects that provide a platform for emerging artists.  In my curatorial endeavors, I am dedicated to shining a light towards these artists, offering them spaces to showcase their work and contributing to the evolving story of San Francisco’s art community.

These are some of my special projects: curating arts awareness campaigns showcasing creatives during lockdown through The Naked Truth of Arts, exploring what human emotions and intimacy evolves and how light plays a part through curating Intimacy Illuminated, showcasing diverse local artists through curating the historic Bluefront CafĂ©, and involving the community by having people join in for my project, Postcards from Europe. let’s not forget the public art project, Mission Kiss where over 100 diverse artists took part, 3 years in a row to show love and kindness the Mission District of San Francisco. Artfuse, my latest project with art partner Fabio Reis is ongoing, as we fuse art and music on a very local level. 

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