Intimacy Illuminated

Light, Luminosity and Intimate Relations”
Bay Area Exhibition 
in the Project Gallery at Arc
curated by Nathalie Fabri

FEATURED ARTISTS: Nathalie Fabri, Charles Gadeken, Dianne Hoffman, Steve Hurst, J.L. King, Susan R. Kirshenbaum, Linda Larson, Sean O’Donnell, Felipe Soltero, Paulette Traverso & H. Momo Zhou

 Light and Intimacy. Light can be a strong component in what makes a place, and people, intimate. In these pandemic times, intimacy between friends and family has been compromised. Through works that depict luminosity and use of light, to works that honor a feeling of intimacy between people, this exhibition, curated by Nathalie Fabri explores the merging of these qualities at a time when our idea of intimacy has been re-evaluated and our days grow darker. There is more meaning to the lighting around us, thus translating in perhaps, a feeling of intimacy.